Welcome to the 2011-2012 School Year!

Posted: September 29, 2011 in School

Well, it looks like we are a few weeks into the new school year, and one thing’s for sure..the honeymoon’s over.  The first few days of school remind me of the beginning of the new calendar year.  Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, and some actually commit to these for at least the month of January.  The school year is very similar.  You often hear, “I’m so not gonna procrastinate this year like I did in the past.”  At some point, we need to stop kidding ourselves.  Embrace the things that make you unique.  If you are a procrastinator, yet you handle your business effectively and on time, then it’s not a problem.  If you haven’t been successful following a certain mantra, then change it up.  Ultimately, change for change’s sake doesn’t make sense.  Set realistic goals for yourself that you can achieve.  If your goal seems far away, like graduation for a freshman, break each year into separate mini-goals.  When you feel stuck, remember that there are people that make a living out of teaching and guidance that are readily available to you whenever you need it.  Best of luck this year!


With the fourth of July quickly approaching, a tradition is brewing in Portland, Oregon.  The 2011 Waterfront Blues Festival marks the 24th time that prominent blues, jazz, and soul musicians have made their way to PDX bringing their talents to entertain the masses, as well as bring awareness and support to the Oregon Food Bank.  As a NOLA native, attending this fest is a no-brainer to stay connected to the music that I, honestly, took for granted as a youngster.  I thought that a second line spontaneously breaking out in the middle of the day was a common occurrence everywhere.  Boy, was I misinformed.

From what I understand, the Portland Waterfront Festival is the largest blues fest west of the Mississippi River.  After taking the family out last night, I would definitely say that that makes sense.  One of my favorite NOLA band played last night, Rebirth Brass Band, so I had to go check it out.  We also got to see a little zydeco from Sunset-native, Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble.  Man, I do miss Louisiana festivals.  The Portland fest is not exactly the real thing, but it definitely gives me a temporary fix of the things that I miss from NOLA.

Of course, Rebirth was awesome.  Here’s what makes them special…

As part of my Web 2.0 class, I have officially entered to world of blogging.  The wife has taken the kids to the park, I’ve had two cups of coffee and an egg/bacon sandwich, and it’s 80 degrees and sunny in Portland;  let’s play around with wordpress!


excited blogger!