The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man, by Bernard Pomerance

Students will read The Elephant Man , the play by Bernard Pomerance, in class.  Speaking parts will be assigned at the beginning of each class.  While reading the play students will be required to answer study guide questions, which should be completed at the end of each scene. Assignments associated with The Elephant Man are:

1) highway-of-life  with rubric

2)  study guide questions

3)  vocabulary list

Interesting Links:

At the completion of the play, students will view David Lynch’s interpretation of  Merrick’s story in The Elephant Man (1980).

Connection Assignments:

1)  Students will read “The Boy Behind the Mask,” an article about Portland youth Sam Lightner, that appeared in The Oregonian in 2000.  Here is a link to  the article:  “The Boy Behind the Mask.”  Students are to keep a four-part journal as they read the article.

2)  Students will watch the film, Mask (1985), based on the life of Rocky Dennis.  After the film, a reflection assignment will be completed.

  1. derek welch says:

    I’m so pleased this material is an upcoming focus in your class . When I saw the Elephant Man movie it truly changed me. I had a completely different perspective on life from that moment on. The David Bowie clip is amazing. Never seen that before, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Mariah Roelfs. says:

    The first two videos say it is blocked in my country. It could just be a YouTube problem. Is there another site that has the first two videos?
    Thank you,
    Mariah Roelfs.

  3. Ur momma says:

    What are Mr theriots and Mr ponds emails

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