Honors Application (Please sign and return to class at the beginning of each semester.
Lit & Comp 10 Honors Program:

The honors program is open to any student who wishes to challenge him or herself further academically.  Honors credit is recorded at the end of each semester and shows up on the transcript as an “H” added next to the course grade.  It is highly recommended for students that will take AP classes their junior and/or senior year.


1.  Students should be working towards an A in English. Students must earn a “B” grade or higher for the semester to earn honors credit.

2.  Assignments will be differentiated for honors students throughout the year.

3.  Students should have an intellectual curiosity regarding literature and maintain a positive attitude.

4.  Each quarter, honors students will complete a seminar discussion based upon an independent reading selection.  Seminars will be held during Beaver Lodge.  [see assignments below]

5.  Students may withdraw from the honors program at any time, with parental consent.

6.  Failure to complete a quarterly project is grounds for removal from the program.

Outside Reading Assignments:

HonorsFirstQuarterAssignment   (Medea)

Honors Second Quarter Assignment ( “I Have a Dream” speech and Letter from Birmingham Jail )   You will also need the following documents to complete this assignment: The Art of Persuasion, Tone Words, How to Annotate, and Rhetorical Triangle.



Third Qtr. Honors Assignment



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