Antigone is a Greek play that is read at the beginning of class in Lit/Comp 10.  The play appears in the Mirrors & Windows textbook that will remain in class.  Each student is expected to read at least once during the course of the play.

Journal Assignment:

Students will keep the following in their journal in association with Antigone:


There are two quizzes associated with Antigone.  The first will assess understanding of the Prologue-scene 2, while the second will cover scenes 3-5, the exodus, and the poem, “Pride.”

Supplemental works:


from Self-Reliance (in-class activity)


Summative Assessment (LLT2, WLT2, WLT4):

Antigone essay

Cool Hand Luke

After the essay is complete, students watch the film, Cool Hand Luke, and complete responses to questions of their choice.  (RLT 3)





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