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This report recently released by Scholastic offers some insight to reading attitudes and habits among kids and their parents.  Check it out here.



Take the time to read what you want!

As we start another school year at Beaverton High, there are the usual things to be excited about:  new students, activities, and changes to our staff and community.  In fact, we have over 20 new staff members this year, and from the latest numbers, we are well over 100 students more than the district projected.  It will definitely take some time to get to know all the new faces around here!

I am most excited, however, for the latest “textbook” adoption that the district thought of for language arts teachers.  Instead of purchasing huge anthology textbooks like it has done in the past, the district decided to promote choice reading by setting up each teacher with a classroom library.  To start the year off, I have almost 200 titles of some of the most popular and interesting novels of the past few years.  To go along with our fantastic school library, the Washington County Cooperative Library System, and bookstores like Powell’s and Amazon, there is no reason not to find a connection with a good book.

Finding the time to read what you want is usually an issue for people.  I am committed this year to incorporate independent reading in all of my classes on a daily basis.  I am also hoping that students and parents will continue this commitment at home.  Check out this article, “7 ways to promote positive reading habits for older children” from The Washington Post for some ideas on establishing and promoting reading at home.